Welcome to Flag Ranch, a horse/human sanctuary. 

We offer a safe place to pause in the open spaciousness immersed with a herd of horses. Where creativity and self-expression are inspired, and union with nature, restoration and retreat are fostered. Where human time dissolves into the natural rhythms of the animals and the earth. 

Our vision for 2015 is to secure a long-term location to create a beautiful and nourishing retreat center in northern California where our horses continue to live as a herd and people come from all over the world to observe, immerse and learn, and return to their lives refreshed. 

However the beautiful ranch we've been leasing for six years outside of Sebastopol has been sold and we've not yet acquired a new home. Thus we are looking for 20+ acres of temporary pasture for our herd of 29 horses in southern Sonoma County as we must move by August 1. If you have or know someone with available pasture, please contact Kimberly. Neigh!

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